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Term 5 Carnival Preparations

  On Tuesday 11th, Year 6 were privileged  to work with some of the organisers of the St Paul's Carnival on costume making. This is so the school can take part in this year's virtual  carnival which has the theme of 'The Phoenix' as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Our school will be representing the ice phoenix whose origins are Egyptian. Here are some pictures of our day and what we made.  
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Term 5 Art

  As part of our learning about Evolution we have been looking at the art work of early indigenous people namely the Aboriginals. In our art work we have used  Symbols and Images:  For thousands of years, indigenous Australian artists have used a visual vocabulary of symbols and images to communicate information about their customs and culture. Aboriginal Dot Paintings are what most people think of as modern indigenous Australian art. This unique style of painting which has gained a global reputation since it emerged in 1971, grew out of an encounter between an art teacher and a community of displaced Aboriginal people in Papunya.  

Term 5

 Year 6 were given the book 'The Undefeated' which contains a poem that  powerful tribute to the African-American experience, replete with joy and pride in the accomplishments of individual artists and athletes, leaders, and thinkers. The children then had the choice to take the books home to keep.